SpUD Tracking Workspace

This is where I'm tracking all the SpUD information. I just discovered this new template on Google Apps a couple of days ago, so it'll take me a little while to get up to speed. I don't like the timeline and I need to work on a couple of other items. 



Keep your team in sync with your major risks and issues by using this section of the project tracking workspace.


Time Line

Keep your entire projects time line at your teams fingertips using this page driven by Google calendar.


Tasks & Actions

Quickly get your team working on the areas of project they are responsible for with the Tasks & Actions page.


Project Documents

Organization is key to any successful project and with page you can keep all you project documents in one place accessible to the whole team.


Recent Updates

Keep your team informed and on track using the recent updates page.



Immediately get in touch with your project manager by using the contact page.