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Amendment Sept 8C Signs

posted Nov 4, 2010, 2:16 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Nov 4, 2010, 2:17 PM ]

Page 15: J Signs > 2. General standards for all signs are as follows  > b.


Holly’s Amendment: INSERT TWO PARENTHESES [()] [Left Parentheses “(“] BETWEEN THE WORDS “signs” & “except” and [Right Parentheses “)”] BETWEEN THE WORDS “temperature,” & “rotating”

Jullie Starr Second

Motion to call for the vote PASSED


(31 YES) (0 NO) PASSED

Sentence b. as amended now reads:

b. Prohibited signs – roof signs, animated or motion signs (except for a sign showing time and/or temperature,) rotating or revolving signs, windblown or inflated signs, dilapidated signs, portable reader-board style signs, and signs mounted on trucks/vehicles and parked on an ongoing basis to serve as the equivalent of a fixed sign.